Terms and conditions


Bradus Auto Rent informs you of the car rental conditions, to all the clients who want to benefit from our services. They, in turn, must accept and comply with the conditions that are specified in the Car Rental Agreement. To study and agree on the conditions indicated in the Car Rental Agreement.

  • The minimum period for renting a car is 2 days;
  • It is forbidden to transmit the car to other persons;
  • The car must be returned in functional condition;
  • The car is returned clean inside and out;

The client who makes the request and who will drive the car, will also be the person who signed your contract and who must comply with the conditions mentioned in the contract regarding car rental. The person must cumulatively meet the following conditions:

  • The client must be at least 21 years old;
  • To have a valid identity card for Moldova;
  • To prove that he holds a valid driving license;
  • Obtained a driving license of at least 2 years;

    These are mandatory conditions, and if the client does not cumulatively meet all these requirements, the car rental contract cannot be concluded.

  • Payment for car rental services is expressed in national currency;
  • The payment for the car rent will be made in full, for the entire period indicated in the contract, until the car is taken over.

Delivery – Receipt of a rental car is made in accordance with the car lease contract, which stipulates all the obligations and conditions of the tenant. The transmission of the leased car to the lessee is made on the basis of a transmission report, signed by both parties, where the date and time of the transmission and other mentions that will be necessary will be written.

The lessee undertakes to return the rented car at the expiration of the term established in the contract, in the condition in which it was sent to him, taking into account the normal wear and tear of the car.

In case of non-compliance with the deadline for handing over the car, additional costs are provided, indicated in the contract, for each hour of delay.

Once the car rental contract is signed, the beneficiary assumes the responsibility to comply with all the points stipulated in the contract regarding the tenant’s obligations, as well as to comply with the law in force regarding the traffic on national roads.